Sensual Soulections

get wet

The sandy season is upon us, and we have rounded up some beach essensuals to keep you seaside stylin’! A new wave has set darlings–let the floodgates open to your most lush fantasies, may they be wetter and better than your wildest dreams!

  • Take the Plunge: Everyone needs a designated beach towel, so why not stunt on beeches? Plunge Towels is a project started by Bay-based artist Jessica Thornton Murphy when she started recruiting her artist friends to dream up limited edition designs. Stake your style in the sand with this statement terry, but word to the wise, they sell out quick!

  • Second SkinKoa’s natural sunscreen checks all the boxes–it's odorless, lightweight, free of parabens & sulfates, protects from UVA and UVB radiation–but the best part!?!! Its primary ingredient is the natural mineral zinc, so unlike MOST sunscreens, it does not harm the marine life in our beloved oceans! Bonus, if you buy now with code REVISIONARY, they donate 20% of your order total to Stop AAPI Hate!

  • Sun Shades: Once you reach a certain age, sunscreen just isn’t enough, just ask our dark spots! Protect and adorn that gorgeous face of yours with these divinely crafted caps by De la Fuente, the brainchild of Kara Fuente. Each hat is hand made of ethically-sourced natural fibers from Mexico and Ecuador. They are a pretty penny investment, but like a TORSSO essensual, they will endure time and trend!

  • Shell StacksYore's funky chunky shell rings make it so you can always have one of the beach’s most precious gifts at the palm of your hand! Each hand-made clay bauble is unique and just oversized enough to be noticed, but small enough to be everyday. 

  • Second-Hand Suits: Our curation of vintage is dripping in deals this month–an array of one and two pieces, whatever suits your fancy! We also found about a bazillion more options while “researching,” so please reach out if you are looking for a particular size or color, as we might have something perfectly suited for you! And again, always make an offer, as most of the sellers are expecting to bargain.

    • If you haven’t heard of Eres, let us enlighten you–they are the best-made suits on the market, and usually retail for over $400, so suffice to stay this beautiful, brown ensemble might be the sweetest steal on the list!

    • Perfect for a wet trip on a sweltering summer day, this 60’s inspired suit is a dress in itself, so no need to pack a change of clothes, just let the sun do its thing!

    • This leopard Cavalli kini is a versatile find because it is reversible. You can toggle between black and the queen of all neutrals, leopard–yes, leopard is a neutral, duh!

    • Calling all tan goddesses?! This orange stunner is perfectly suited for the aquatic adventurer, and don’t sleep on the cut-out back!

    • Black and white and easy all over, this onesie features lined (i.e. wearable!) cream crochet on top, and flattering black full-body coverage below, a dream pairing!

    • If you are lusting for a fresh suit, look no further than our fellow California brand, Mare Perpetua… Ironically, all their pieces are made from recycled materials, but they look as good as new!

  • get wet: Starting off slow with some sensual R&B, this slippery mix crescendos into dance hall classics–we hope to make you feel something down south, so your hips can’t help but shake off the dust!