Sensual Soulections

flow rider

Patrick Lichfield, The Hook

To quote our favorite astrologer Dossé-Via (more below), "Life is as simple as you make it.” So without any effort to tie in this month's selects into some strained theme, here are a few things we like, that you might like too? Personally, we are trying out trying less, and opening up more to surrender and flow. Ride it out babes!

  • Whine with Us: Ever craved whining your waist like Rihanna? We got you, or more aptly, Jae Blaze, the kween behind JukGyal, has you. Jae has worked with Rihanna (for real), Kelly Rowland, Teyana Taylor (remember her epic dance in Kanye West's "Fade"  video, yeah Jae helped choreograph that!) and… us. We have been attending her dancehall classes for 3 months now, and let’s just say we went from awkward to lightweight being able to twerk! We are hosting a free online Jukgyal class on Tuesday, June 15 @ 6pm PT / 9pm ET. Spaces are limited, and it’s first cum, first serve! To secure a spot, email

  • Zodiac Zealots: If you’re anything like us, you like having your daily life affirmed by horoscopes?! Well look no further for your daily astrological hit than Know the Zodiac. Our girl, Dossé-Via, dishes “modern astrology” all from an embodied-boss tone that will have you shifting your perceptions from impossible to I'm Possible–her words. She also customizes her celestial wisdom for each sign, so you can "know yourself." 

  • A Fluid Self: From putting your woke ass on the spot––are you doing the work or just talking about it?!––to illuminating the “peak unique” climate that has us “caught up in defining and defending [our] own identity” Amanda Greeley’s recent article “The Magic of Impermanence” is very worthy of a read… she read us. It is digestible within a quick lunch break, and climaxes in a happy ending: we are capable of evolving every damn day, and some of our labels (cut in “digital” stone”) are holding us back from enjoying the magic of change!

  • T!tty Water: Take it from a couple of water sloots, but the bigger the vessel...the more water you drink, it’s like logic. These hand-blown carafes  by Anna Karlin creative studio double as a vase, and feature a charming lean and asymmetry because no two boobies are the same! If you feel like putting your money where your mouth is, these jugs are just the way to wet your whistle… Happy chugging ladies, tis the season! (And for those who find iridescence more thirst-quenching, we found a slightly more affordable option from Amara.)

  • The Real Deal: Not to brag, but we slay The RealReal, the iconic e-commerce consignment site that democratizes designer duds: $40 reversible leopard Dolce dresses and $50 Missoni rompers can be yours IF you know how to look. The method––filters, filters, filters! Pick your favorite designer and filter by your torsso and shoe sizes. And then save these customized feeds, so you are alerted when new arrivals that match your musts land on the site. If you are more in the mood for some virtual window shopping, check out the Editors’ Pick and Vintage tags. Dress better for less– it's not just Ross's thing after all! But enough telling you, see for yourself... (P.S. always use the code REAL for 20% off!)

    • This summer catch is the most glowing shade of turquoise and will polish off any look–all white ensemble recommended. The crochet finish is artisanal and elevated at once, nothing but net!

    • These cat-eye Tom Ford sunnies are meowwwwww! Featuring faux tortoise and metallic bronze accents, this pair will elevate your vision to the stars! (And we don’t have to tell you that anything Tom Ford for under $1,000 is a miracle to begin with!)

    • This tangerine tube is a little pricey, but the dreamy hue and “pristine” condition are worth the squeeze! Yes, it is hard to wear with a bra... so maybe just skip it because nipples are forever. And stay tuned, the TORSSO tube is coming eventually!

    • Get 'em before labor day... jk! We wear all white all day everyday, and it's truly the easiest chic cheat. These babies usually go for over $240 and are an everyday diamond, just make sure to carry a stain remover stick!

    • Alaia sandals are simply the bee’s knees–We can personally attest you will wear Azzedine’s statement sandals into the ground, we have pairs 5 years and older to prove it. Despite the avant-garde look, they are always surprisingly comfortable too!

    • These yoga pants are high waisted enough to cover your downward dog, and retail for over $120 on Net-a-Porter, need we say more?