Sensual Soulections


We’ve lassoed up some sum summer things for your inner shopping slooot. Read on, and hopefully something piques your fancy, but either way we hope you read quickly and then get your TORSSO outside. It will be autumn before we know it, so let yourself really fall into the sultry laze of the season, summer says feel good... get to it! 

PS! If you missed it on the gram, we are offering to send our temporary tattoos free o’ charge to anyone that’s looking for some extra skin sizzle! Simply reply to this email with your mailing address.

  • Sew Fetch: Set designer and style kween Bjorn Park has just setup shop in NYC with her custom embroidery and alteration store Eva Joan: bring in any dull item that could use a dash of fashion and they will spruce it right up on the spot! If you’re not in NYC, you can also DM her personal embroidery shop, Lil Eva, and she will adorn your pieces with petals, hearts, sun rays or whatever you want really! Her white tanks (which society has lovingly branded wife-beaters) are particularly delightful!

  • Toss Your Salad: To brag (self-deprecation is so 2000’s), we make dank salad dressings–and recently the secret to our sauce is Tart Vinegar. Using fermented seasonal fruits and veggies, Tart boasts unique flavors including celerylavendergrapefruit and kombu–that's a seaweed. Simply add Tart to some olive oil (bonus if you include a little citrus or mustard, depending on your palette) and zing you will be best-dressed! If you are ready to Tart splash, act quick because this stuff sells out in a flash!

  • Ghana Good: Finally, a fringe bag that functions––these woven wonders from Kayadua honor founder Eyiwaa Agyekumhene’s Ghanian heritage while also serving just the right amount of fash-hun! Each bag is hand-crafted, and the production time for each item is even listed on the website––talk about transparency! Combining modern polypropylene cord with traditional weaving techniques, this arm candy is the best of both worlds, and at $84 it’s a real deal!

  • Bad News Booze: We acknowledge the hypocrisy of this endorsement coming from two natty wine enthusiasts, but even if you, like us, are not planning on breaking up with the bottle anytime soon, Holly Whitaker’s debut book, Quit Like a Woman, is still worth a read. The tone is candid and witty, and each chapter is woven with 90’s nostalgia references that lighten the heavy subject matter. Furthermore, her critique that wellness culture focuses on green beauty and yoni steams, when we’re mindlessly drinking toxic chemicals, the very same that fuels our cars… is valid?

  • Greens Gone Groovy: What happens when you combine plants with disco balls––boogie plants duhhh!!! Julia Rado makes custom disco pots for your plant babies and they really set the mood, rainbow reflections included! You can even add a macrame sling, so you can slang these babes from the ceiling! DM her for a custom order, or scroll through her psychedelic feed for inspo!

  • SummSET

    • This dress brings that easy breezy kind of romance that makes you feel like a kween because you didn’t even try. The asymmetry and flattering bias cut do all the work without the working out. Did we mention it ships FREE from Greece?!!

    • Somewhere between Ashley Olsen and Hallie Parker, these sunnies are as classic as The Parent Trap movie itself! Made by Gucci, they will last forever… if you don’t lose them first!

    • Trends, smends––we personally believe the bomber is forever, 4ever ever. This sun laden style has that 90's Versace vibe that fashion will never stop chasing. The shell is made of 100% silk with 100% nylon lining so it can handle the heat, sweat on!

    • These ray of sunshine earrings will style up a white tee or a cocktail dress with that touch of bohemian glamor, that je ne sais quoi… they have that ineffable vintage ting(e), that level of taste that new just can’t touch!

    • This radiant rose laced blouse is the perfect summer pack––tie it as a top, or wear it open as a cardi for a balmy evening. At the risk of bankrupting you, ForLoveofTheMoon is also a fun follow on IG, as her sultry golden hour feed almost makes you feel like you’re in Italy with her. Her shipping is cheaper than airfare...

    • We melt for these minxy mules, but luckily for you, we’ve got gargantuan feet. Don’t miss the most delectable part–the heel is heart shaped as well, making these slip-ons even sweeter!