Our Ethos

Slip on your Silhouette

TORSSO dresses the woman who dresses for herself. Our essensuals are sculpted by her: her shape, style, soul, her–self.

  • TORSSO coalesces outer- and under- garments into essensuals: a styled outer layer over soft, sensual support. The sewn-in support is free of wire, and forms to the natural shape of the breast, while a supple elastic band adds a touch of lift. Our essensuals curve to each body just as it is, in all its divine skin, stretches, scars, hues, and folds.

  • The female figure has been simultaneously shamed and sexualized, and fashion–as a reflection of society–has perpetuated this desecration; clothing and undergarments have been designed to shape women into some external ideal of perfection, so that she seeks validation outside of herself. Our desire is our essensuals support the wearer to turn in, to reclaim all the love and perfection already within. At scale, TORSSO seeks to bring female bodies out of shame and comparison and into the light of sensuality and self-love.

  • Nota Bene: The word sensuality has suffered a similar injustice to that of women’s bodies, in that the meaning of both has been conflated with sex. In truth, the word sensual is defined as the gratification of the senses: touch, taste, feel, sight and sound. At TORSSO, we see no harm in gratifying a woman’s senses, in fact, it would be our deepest pleasure.


“Hey, where did you get your top?” Lizzy said, eying the cropped navy cardigan enviously. “Abercrombie,” Emma replied coolly.

This was the first exchange between TORSSO co-founders Lizzy Bristow and Emma Stevens-Smith during freshman year algebra class. Lizzy, a maximalist who prides herself on mixing vintage, was shocked by the response. Since that fruitful day in 2004, Emma has consistently balanced Lizzy’s style assumptions–paring back her tendency to adorn–and this push and pull flows through TORSSO today. The pair continued to connect throughout the years over their love of sourdough baguettes, The RealReal, the ocean, and all their feelings––endless feelings! Candidly, Lizzy and Emma often felt like they were drowning in their own deep sensitivity, which often resulted in crippling fear and anxiety. Both women have accordingly played it small most of their lives, working to execute other women’s visions, feeling unworthy to pursue their own.

TORSSO is a vulnerable leap for us: a shattering of shame, fear, of everything that has kept us small. This journey has taken us out of our racing minds and into our bodies–into our power. In the early days when modeling the samples ourselves, suppressed body shame and self-loathing surfaced, just as we were beginning to consider what we wanted the brand to embody… so here we are. Our desire is TORSSO gives you the permission to love yourself, just as you are. Now go, and be free!