Sensual Soulections


Meowww! Welcome to our first edition of Sensual Soulections, a monthly curation of our recently discovered pleasure treasures. 

But first a quick update from us–launch has come and gone, and we have learned more in the last two weeks than in a year of development! Candidly, while we are finally living our dream, we are also still pushing through a lot of fear. Each day we grow a little more into the women and leaders we want to become, and as we often remind ourselves, and will remind you now–progress not perfection! Below are a few of our favorite things that have kept us sane during this wild ride...

  • The Horny Census: Calling all sexually-empowered sirens! Go contribute to Allison Davis new book which explores the different moments and events that have shaped women’s perspectives on sex and desire. She has a sultry little survey for you to fill out to collect your stories, opinions and lingering questions. Let your freak flag fly babes!

  • Masa on the Mind: These hand-pressed, made-to-order tortillas are adorned with edible flowers sure to be the statement plate of any meal. They are almost too beautiful to eat–key word almost–because they are also divinely delish! If you don’t live in LA, do the next best thing and follow their Instagram, it’s just as yummy!

  • Fruit Sluts: Each month we will be doing a vintage edit, a collection of our recent eBay, Etsy and RealReal finds–putting our shopping addiction to work for you! For April, we are sharing some fruity finds, juicy enough for spring. Hot Tip: eBay and Etsy are the places of haggling dreams!

    • Nothing has made us want smaller feet than these beaded cuties with a killer kitten heel. Heeled sandals you can actually walk in... kill us! Who is a 6.5?!

    • Best part of this dress is it will fit an x-small to an x-large. Whomever’s body ends up owning it, it’s meant just for you!

    • This sweetheart is a picnic in the park. If you’re reading this, and you want it, you have 2 days or it’s ours!

    • Mmmm, this vintage gem will take you to the holy land of sweet tees.

    • The black balances the bright neon punch of these citrus capris making a spring statement that is still easy to style–a TORSSO cami in any color would work!

    • This skirt features a sureally real print and a row of buttons for versatility–are you feeling like a buttoned-up sweet apple pie today or a slitty fruit tempress? And remember tomorrow is another day!

  • Feel to Heal: The book Pu$$y: A Reclamation by Mama Gena, and particularly her practice of “swamping” has transformed how we feel in our bodies. It has become a weekly ritual that gives us space to process our feelings more consistently, and move through our emotions more effortlessly–all in 3 song’s time, 15 minutes or less! 

    • First Song: Rage (DMX, Lincoln Park, Nirvana, whatever makes you wanna yell…) During this song release all your feminine fury–punch a pillow, kick and scream like you’re having a temper tantrum. Even if you can’t tap into your anger, do jumping jacks or throw your arms around wildly, just simply exert yourself fully until you are out of breath and the song wraps.

    • Second Song: Grief (Lana Del Rey, SZA, John Mayer, whatever brings tears to your eyes…) Next, put on something sad, and slowly caress your face like you would a baby, gently stroking your cheeks and the area around your eyes. Wrap yourself in your arms and comfort the little girl inside you–who perhaps felt alone or like she was never good enough. Give yourself permission to miss someone, or forgive yourself for messing up at work this week, or simply feel into the exhaustion of being a fucking human. 

    • Third Song: Turn On (Alina Baraz, Cardi B, Meghan Trainor, whatever has you feeling yourself…) When the last song begins, start moving into your turn on. Maybe wipe your eyes, and let your fingers slip down your lips to your breasts, or perhaps circle your hips and break into dance, or just writhe on the floor, but fully let go. Feel the sensation of your body and leave your mind and its thoughts behind. Especially during these times, pleasure is a style of revolution. 

  • loveHERSOur April playlist is a blended mix of feminine flavor that flows from steamy sensual to flames of fury. Enjoy the ride sirens, we’re happy to be grooving on these waves of change together!