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New Moon... Who Dis?!

New Moon... Who Dis?

It’s no secret we f**k with astrology. So after a heavy Cancer season, we figured we would share some of our astro delights with you to welcome in Leo Season, a well-deserved time of play and lightness. This new moon is all about returning to a childlike state of awe and possibility. Right now is the time to brew up a hot and heavy vision for a life that would make you waltz out of bed in the morning...or your vision might include spending a little extra time in the sheets…feel into whatever feels true for you. Don’t worry about the how right now, simply start dreaming up the days you want to have and reality will follow!

  • Stargrazing: If you have been with us a few months now (thank you!), you know about our obsession with astrologer Dossé-Via. Well, last month she honored the Cancer New Moon by deciding to take a 6-month break from writing daily ‘scopes. Luckily we have a few other luminaries to help make sense of the planetary positions…

    • Jana Roemer first won our hearts (and bodies) with her yoga Nidra classes at Love Yoga. During COVID, she cured our withdrawal with the launch of Attune to the Moon. Read her wisdom for the new moon, and / or listen to how this cycle could be  a pivotal portal into breaking systemic segregation.

    • Chris Corsini mixes astrology with tarot and meditation so you don’t just understand what’s happening in the universe, you feel it. But this Portuguese king also happens to be hilarious and real, keeping you hyper-engaged in your own enrichment. All his workshops are pay-what-you-can, so no excuses not to have a peep at his latest new moon video… 

  • Smoke SignalsTurn up the heat on your intentions this moon cycle with candles from Tiny Ritual. The 100% beeswax pastel sticks include a clear crystal quartz at the bottom and are designed to match whatever the moment is calling for–healing, abundance, home, strength, love, you get the gist. If you are unsure where you should be directing your energy, their site offers a quiz to help you reveal your intention and the accompanying candle that will bring it to fruition. As noted on their website banner, the shipping window has been extended as they just welcomed a baby! Now that's what we call setting boundaries babes!

  • Herbal HighsThis Leo New Moon happens to fall on CBD Day–today! While we are not usually ones to promote obscure marketing holidays, we welcome the excuse to introduce you to Barbari. These herbal connoisseurs have created CBD spliffs with distinct botanical blends to get the mood right, and keep your high light. They use only organic, food-grade herbs, so you can breathe easy. The brand also beautifully exemplifies the TORSSO ethos of “less products that do more,” as each blend can be smoked, sipped or smoldered––3 birds, 1 stoner. PS. They have a sale on right meow!

  • In the CardsThis moon deck has become like home for us, always serving up the witchiest wisdom! Designed to tap a woman into her own cyclical nature as well as that of the moon, it contains 44 mantra cards with applicable rituals and practices to integrate the lesson into daily life. Ask a question or don't––but pick a card, any card, and we guarantee you will feel more in flow on the other side!

  • Summer SipWe couldn’t help but include this winemaker, since well today is a... Sunday in August. However, they deserve recognition for more than their apt name, as the two partners are focused on supporting local and organic grape growers in British Columbia and stocking your cellar with blends free of intervention of additives. Each varietal includes information on where the grapes were sourced, how they were farmed, what ingredients were added, and the steps taken to go from press to bottle. Annoyingly most of their summer selection is already sold out, but they have dope hats and totes to tide you over till the next drop.

  • Leo Lewks:

    • Made from vintage tapestries, these shorties fringe on short, but even if they are just for the beach, they are too special to pass up? And click through to see the back made from another equally gorgeous tapestry!

    • Get waisted in these flattering fruity stems! Panels o' pears and strawbs elongate your stems, with a cute back buckle to boot!

    • Have a little fun in this “naked” bodice dress hand-painted by one of our favorites, MAMASABE. She elevated an already amazing silk dress with brilliant brush strokes to make this creamy frock beyond dreamy.

    • If these dangle earrings could talk, they would say shoot for the moon and you will land amongst the stars. Now, thats a statement earring we can all get behind?

    • This adorable astro sweatshirt hits the nostalgia note while still feeling fresh and clean. Pair with white denim for a summer eve, and don't you dare pay full price––we'd start with an opening offer of $30...