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It’s that time of the month again... to share a few of our favorite things! With fall around the corner––or is it here––we thought of a few treats to send you back to school, or work, or to just help you squeeze out the last drops of vacation!? With all the uncertainty still in the air, little joys matter more than ever! 

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  • Coo Coo Cookies: Ok, so technically this is Toll House’s recipe, but Emma has her own modifications that make these extra scrumptious! Less flour, more sugar, European buttah, chilling the dough before baking, and super-sizing your dough balls make these babies extra gooey. Also, notably the original recipe calls for 2 cups of choc chips, but we prefer a less choco cookie, so feel free let the chips land where they may! Finally, after having a few fresh out the oven, we recommend putting them in the freezer and eating them cold––TRUST us!

    • 2 ¼  cups all-purpose flour; 1 tsp baking soda; 1 tsp salt; 1 cup (2 sticks) butter; 3/4 cup granulated sugar; 1 cup packed brown sugar; 1 tsp vanilla extract; 2 large eggs; 1-2 cups choc chips

    • Bake @ 375° for 8-12 minutes.

  • Icy Water: There was a time when a rhinestone bedazzled water bottle would have felt too Elle Woods for us, but these days it feels like just what the doctor ordered. Dressing up things that are good for you can really make health more fun, and drinking from these bedazzled beauties makes each sip shine. Also the the reflections of these chunkers offer beautiful photo opps! If you’re down to splurge, Collina Strada is the original designer who started this trend––we’re particularly fond  of the pink and yellow check version. But if you’re trying to spend less, there are plenty of options on Etsy as well as mid-range brand Luxsina. While Emma is already blinged out, Lizzy is waiting for this leopard princess to come back in stock––subtlety is overrated!

  • Goo Goo for Gogia: Shells, pearls and charms oh my! Been looking for some everyday stacking hoops but can’t quite find the right pair? Or better yet looking for a single? Look no further than the Insta shop, ShopGogia. Simply DM this angel with your metal and size preferences, add any shell or pearl charms and voila, hoop dreams become reality! You can also reach out for all your custom needs, and she will produce the perfect pair to suit your unique lobes...

  • Page TurnerRaven Leilani’s novel, Luster, was the poolside read of **last** summer–but we just got to the party, and think you should join! Delving into sex, race, and trauma, the story of Bushwick 20-something Edie covers deep topics but with a juicy~raw tone that will have you deep throating these chapters like they’re made of churros! Leilani really gets into the awkward and gritty crevices of white privilege without any preaching; rather she candidly rambles the intimate tale of a modern black woman, and the retelling is as poignant as it is fun, not really sure how she managed both! Speaking of preaching, buy at your local bookstore if you can, and spread the wealth––Bezos has enough?!!

  • Luscious Locks: Imagine if you had full brows and lush mascara lashes without an ounce of makeup? Make it happen with vegan beauty brand, Vegamour. We can personally attest to the very real growth that happens when you apply their topical lash and brow serums. Turns out hair growth can be stifled by aging, poor sleep or nutrition, and dog-damn cortisol from stress! In other words, most of us are not experiencing all the growth we would like, but their clinically proven formulas address these larger lifestyle hiccups. Ok, so the science is a bit over our head... but we can tell you, our shizz is thicker than ever!

  • Back 2 {S}Cool:

    • This precious prep polo is crisp with a poppin’ collar , and tucks just right. Style with something high-waisted, or get those scissors out and crop this bad betch! We recently cut a few oversized polos for fun, and the result is sultry tomboy, chicer then you're expecting!

    • Nobody does it better than Levi’s. PERIOD. The 577 is their classic boyfriend silhouette, but don’t let the relaxed fit fool you, these will have your peach looking extra plump.

    • Make it Chanel, make it under $40––we gotchu! Ok, so it’s not authentic but it's still giving all the quilted, clean sophistication we seek in CC. Sling this hunni over your shoulder and you’ll be back to cool!

    • With a dramatic collar and pearl buttons, D&G manages to make this pastel pink button up lewwk  young and sexy. With just a touch of stretch, this babe will cling and cinch so you can get waisted in compliments!

    • This mid-length FENDI sweetie is the bee’s knees, and the price is ripe for picking! Featuring contrast stitching and big pockets, you can always unbutton for a sultrier look! Personally, we love wearing skirts like this unbuttoned with a hint of cute short peeking out from below!? (Also, note this is listed with UK  sizing, so this skirt would probs be best for a US 8-10 or low slung on a 6.)