TORSSO elevates essentials into essensuals –– coalescing outer- and under-garments into one seamless silhouette. Each garment is comprised of a styled layer over soft, sensual support. Our built in bralettes are free of wire or seams, and form to the natural shape of the breast, while a soft adjustable band adds just a touch of lift. We make bras for the women who don’t want to wear them.


TORSSO essensuals are knit in Turin, Italy by circular knitting machines built in 1934. These machines run at a slower pace, ensuring premium quality and an exquisite balance of softness and stretch. The yarn is made from the finest Modal and Egyptian Makó cotton fibers, and the result is pieces that are as relaxed as they are refined.  Our luxury essensuals are crafted slowly and designed thoughtfully, and the result is pieces that sustain time and trend. 


TORSSO dresses the woman who dresses for herself. Our essensuals are sculpted by her: her shape, her style, her––self. TORSSO garments embody a certain sensuality––a sensuality that stems from within.

Nota bene: There has been a fallacy for a long time about the meaning of sensuality. It has been conflated with sex, and thus has been polluted by the toxic culture around sex. In true definition, sensual  means the gratifications of the senses: touch, taste, feel, and sight. At TORSSO, we see no harm in gratifying a woman’s senses, in fact, it would be our greatest pleasure.