Tune In.

Ciao! After [who is counting anyways] days in quarantine, we are starting to burn through all our saved lists of TV shows and movies. Beyond that, we are growing tired of Netflix always asking us ‘Are You Still Watching?’ OBVIOUSLY. So this week we decided to diversify our entertainment portfolio to incorporate some of the unique content being produced as a result of the times. From our first foray into TikTok to sitting in a virtual therapist chair, we never realized just how much was out there to help pass the time. As always, stay safe and healthy!

  • For those of you looking for your next series to watch after Tiger King, let us suggest 2 Lizards. Created by Artist Meriem Bennani and filmmaker Orian Barki, the animated docu-diary follows two CGI lizards during their quarantine experience. Despite the surrealist, whimsical quality, viewers can relate to the characters’ conversations on enjoying confinement and their evening activity of staring at nearby rooftops. Now in its fourth episode, the series has racked up over 100,000 views on Instagram with fans eager for the next installment. Alas we may have to wait in suspense for a little longer, as the creators view series as a fun project without any deadlines or structure.

  • The geniuses behind Amazon DatingAni Acopian and Suzy Shinn, are back with another parody site that is sure to bring some joy to your day. This time, the duo teamed up with Pornhub to launch ‘Scrubhub,’ a streaming platform with safe-for-work videos of hand-washing. Beyond a library of models and amateurs practicing proper hygiene, Scrubhub also hosts twice-daily live takeovers with musicians, comedians and other performers. However, it’s more than just entertainment. Scrubhub is also collecting donations for Invisible Hands and Frontline Foods to help people affected by COVID-19, and in exchange contributors receive a downloadable bar of soap.

  • Leave it to Jane Fonda to finally convince us to download TikTok. The eighty-two year old actress is reprising her inimitable home workout videos on the platform, complete with vibrant leotards. Her inaugural post in early April had her lying on a yoga mat guiding viewers through leg lifts, while a post from today has her doing squats to the tune of Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5. She interrupts her sequences to encourage fans to make their workouts more meaningful by joining the rally, Fire Drill Friday, to put pressure on politicians to adopt a Green New Deal. Tightening our buns while tackling climate crisis sounds like a good way to spend our days.

  • Real is a mental health startup redesigning the therapy experience for women. COVID-19 restrictions unfortunately pushed the April opening of their first mental health studio, but the team decided they didn’t want to delay connecting with users. As a result, they launched Real to the People, which includes Digital Group Salons, Mental Check-Ins and Events, all free of charge. Their sessions are hosted by trained therapists and tackle topics from breaking up in quarantine to connecting with your inner voice. Depending on what you need, there is also an opportunity to join a call with others who are going through a similar experiences.

  • It’s no secret the fashion industry has been hit hard by COVID-19–stores shuttered, factories closed and budget cut. Behind the scenes, Vogue editors around the world are having conversations about what this means for the future; What will change? What will never recover? Last week they decided to make these discussions public with a four-day online event, Vogue Global Conversations. Each day included a free talk with fashion leaders including Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Virgil Abloh and Olivier Rousteing on matters such as the future of creativity, fashion shows, e-commerce and brick and mortar. Don’t fret if you missed the live-streams, the publisher has released the recordings to their YouTube channel and already committed to hosting three more events like this in the months to come.