Together We.

Hello. Still home? Us too. It is crazy how as the weeks pass, so many questions remain unanswered. Are things getting better? Worse? How long will this last? How will this experience change our future? While most of these queries don’t result in conclusive Google searches, there is one entry that produces responses that quell our anxieties and uncertainties­–how can I help? The best way is to continue to follow the CDC’s recommendations, however more can be done to support struggling communities and individuals without leaving your couch. Below are ways we are getting involved, but we encourage you to do your own internet browse and find the organizations and partners that align with your interests. Many thanks and much to all the essential workers risking their safety and health everyday.

  • Pandemic Posters: Like many other artists, creatives, freelancers, the list goes on, Photographer Jamie Beck lost most of her clients following the global lockdown. However, she has decided to use her time in quarantine as inspiration for a new project, #isolationcreation. Each day, she shoots a stunning still life of family, flowers, food, and whatever else she finds inside and sells them as prints on her website. With now over thirty-two posters to choose from, Beck is donating 10% of all proceeds to the Foundation for Contemporary Arts COVID-19 Relief fund.

  • Haus Party: While we already love Haus for their aperitifs (delish), we are even more smitten over their recent release, The Restaurant Project. They teamed up with nine restaurants nationwide to co-create their own concoctions that reflect their culinary style. All the profits go to the restaurant to help them stay in business and support their employees until the corona restrictions are lifted. For those who aren’t drinking their way through quarantine, Haus also lists on their website organizations that are helping America’s restaurants in different ways.

  • Umbrella-ella-ella: Now that Rihanna is stuck in your head, we want to introduce you to a community platform, aptly titled Umbrella, that helps coordinate grocery delivery and prescription pickups for seniors across the country. Their demand has skyrockets in the last month and they are looking for volunteers to help serve vulnerable people who can’t or shouldn’t leave their homes during this time. If you are healthy and interested, you can learn more about how to get involved here.

  • Caffeine to the Frontline: Doctors, nurses, and EMTs are working tirelessly to keep us safe and Dripkit is making sure they have delicious coffee to fuel them during challenging time. By donating $35, the company will send a 10 pack of Dripkit directly to a healthcare worker. What’s more, the company has created a form where people can submit the name of medical professionals who deserve to receive some caffeine. (Btw, if this is the first you have heard of Dripkit, they make a biodegradable brewer that makes the perfect cup of coffee anywhere.)

  • Stay Home, Take Care: One of our favorite newsletters, Girls’ Night In, recently launched a micro-site to help people pass the days in quarantine. Just by subscribing, GNI will donate $1 to the World Central Kitchen and Crisis Text Line. However if you want to do more than offer your email, their team has curated a list of way to help others that they continue to update daily. Ranging from small gestures to send to friends to places to donate, their recommendations include something for everyone.