Stay Home.

Yo. In recent weeks, our homes have become our offices, our gyms, our studios, our restaurants–our everything. And the data suggests this ‘from home’ lifestyle will may continue for some time. So we compiled a list of things to help you settle in, cozy up and get comfortable while in quarantine. Stay smart and safe (at home)!

  • The Sweats You Need: Loungewear is our new everyday wear and we are not mad about it. However, we have learned in the last few weeks that not all sweats are created equal. Suzie Kondi’s tracksuits are in a league of their own. Her french terry and velour designs can be classified as chic Juicy Couture. Luckily, there is both a slim track cut and wide leg style, as well as many color options, so you can have a pair for each day of the week. We do.

  • As Good As It Looks: Just like with sweats, not all olive oil is created equal either. In fact, it was this exact insight that prompted founder Aishwarya Iyer to launch Brightland, a direct-to-consumer olive oil company that serves real, high-quality olive oil. Each of their beautifully-designed UV-coated bottles are filled with liquid gold from California, organic heirloom olives. The brand has two flagship products, Awake and Alive, each with a distinct flavor to match whatever Ina Garten recipe you are cooking tonight.

  • Better than Charmin: By now, the toilet paper reserves as every pharmacy and grocery store has run dry. Don’t panic–the hoarders can have the generic stuff. Instead, check out No.2. All their paper is made from bamboo and wrapped in stylish prints, which means it is good for the environment and good for your bathroom aesthetic.

  • A Great Cleaning: Now usually we are not ones to splurge on luxury soaps, but given the amount of time we are spending in bed, we thought it was time to upgrade our experience. And indie fragrance brand DedCool’s laundry detergent, Dedtergent, is meeting our needs. The 100% biodegradable soap comes in two divine scents and a100% recyclable tin, making this indulgence even more justifiable.

  • Anxiety Relief: Brooklinen’s launch of weighted comforters could not come at a better time. Designed to reduce stress and anxiety and create a deeper sleep, each blankie is made with glass microbeads and a cotton sateen shell. The line includes a range of weights and sizes to accommodate your lifestyle.

  • A Pasta Alternative: Magic Spoon is our answer for the times when we need a break from being Ina Garten. The New York-based cereal brand is creating healthy alternatives to our childhood staples. Each variety is low-carb, gluten-free, and high-protein, so you can totally have a second bowl. We are partial to the Cocoa and Frosted cereal, but we won’t pass judgement on your cereal preferences.