On Repeat.

Hi hiiii. We hope you are all home, staying safe and healthy. After a week of being cooped up indoors, we are going stir crazy–experiencing all the emotions and trying everything to stay sane. Our quarantine days are filled with work (prototypes arrive this week!), yoga live-streams (here, here and here), digital happy hours with friends and family, and a meal or seven. Through it all, we have been listening to a playlist of babes to keep us motivated, calm and positive. Fingers crossed it will help get your mind off of things, at least a little. Be well!

  1. we got love - teyana taylor, ms. lauryn hill

  2. b.s. (ft h.e.r.) - jhené aiko, h.e.r.

  3. moth - dua saleh

  4. oprah - rapsody, leikeli47

  5. we cool - khadijah lopez

  6. situationship - snoh aalegra