New Beginnings.

Staying true to our theme of the week, we collected our favorite new brands and projects launched by women. We are proud to support women who are taking the leap, pursuing their passions and often motivating others to follow suit.

  • Candles 2 Cool 2 Burn: Artist Janie Korn is making flammable versions of everyone’s favorite icons and pop culture references, including Sesame Street characters, Andy Warhol, and a vial of Botox. Described as ‘magic candles,’ each design is is funky and weird, making them well worth the $85 price tag (cheaper than a Diptyque). Her only request? Don’t tag her on social media if you burn her work. It’s too painful.

  • One-of-a-Kind: Brooklyn ceramist Ivy Weinglass is the genius behind IIIVVVYYY, a collection of housewares that is taking over our living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. Each vase, plate, bowl, incense holder, mug and wall-hanging is made to order and crafted by Weinglass herself. She currently has over 6 different collections on her website, appealing to everyone from the mystic to the flower child.

  • Everyday Gems: LUINY is a jewelry line that is both ornate and wearable. Designed by self-taught designer, Luiny Rivera, each piece is inspired by her travels and lifestyle and combines a collection of forms, ornaments and textures. We might be partial to her recent collaboration with Alexandria Coe that celebrates the body, including sketches of torso’s on earrings and rings.

  • Hair Love: Naza Beauty is being described as the Drybar for women of color. The San Francisco salon offers a menu of protective styles for “coily, kinky, afro-textured hair”–all done in four hours or less. Reddit Co-Founder and Serena Williams’ husband, Alexis Ohanian recently invested $1 million through his firm Initialized Capital.

  • All We Ever Wanted: We first became obsessed with Susan Maddox when we saw her work adorning the walls of Esqueleto in Los Feliz. A native to Hawaii and born to a hapa Japanese-American family, Susan is heavily influenced by handmade kakebuton, indigo-dyed shibori textiles and shibui form and color to produce innovative and colorful wallhangings. Each piece starts as an abstract painting that is then transformed into a folded and stacked 3D shape. She also makes beautiful watercolors and prints and all are available for purchase on her website.

  • Menswear by a Woman: Emily Adams Bode is trailblazing a new path for women in the menswear industry. After all, men have been designing for womenswear for years, why not the other way around. Since launching her brand, Bode, in 2016, Emily has been focused on telling a narrative through her clothes, combining vintage fabrics with intricate quilting and appliqués to produce patchwork trousers and embroidered shirts. She became the first female designer to show at NYFW and won Emerging Designer of the Year at the CFDA Fashion Awards in 2019. Baaaaam.