Days Like This.

Heyyyy! Another week at home, but we are starting to figure out how to take this quarantine in stride. We are slowing down, reassessing our routines, finding joy in the things we often overlooked, and creating new ways to connect with ourselves and others. This week we compiled the things that are helping us remain calm in the midst of the corona chaos. That said, some days still suck and there are no right answers, no correct ways to get through this time. As a result, we are learning how to take things one day at a time. Sending love and health from our homes to yours!

  • Hanging in the Kitchen: While we love to cook, pre-corona, we rarely made it home early enough to do more than heat up a can of soup. But now that we never stray far from our kitchens, we have been spicing up our meals thanks to two of our favorite cookbooks, Midnight Chicken by Ella Risbridger, and Nothing Fancy by Alison Roman. We promise their recipes are doable and delicious, and don’t result in an endless collection of dishes.

  • Prompting Creativity: Suleika Jaouad is a cancer survivor who earned recognition through her New York Times column, ‘Life Interrupted,’ where she shared her battle with leukemia in her twenties. Applying what she learned during those challenging times, she launched The Isolation Journal to help people process and connect while in quarantine. We are on day seven of the free 30-day project, which serves up a different prompt every morning from various authors, artists and musicians. While we don’t always do the suggested 10–15 minutes of writing, we have appreciated starting each day with a moment of reflection and inspiration.

  • Spring Cleaning Our Closets: For months, we have lived with piles of clothes in our closets that are ready for new home. Quarantine has finally ended our procrastination and we have found listing our clothes is a mindless activity that busies us during idle moments. If you are in the market for a new outfit to wear to your next digital happy hour or to watch Tiger King, check out @scorpio9vintage for some of our pre-loved wares.

  • Changing Our Scenery: Since we can’t change our location, we have been changing our living spaces. We followed this guide to feng shui our bedrooms, and after repositioning our beds and removing dark colors, we love spending a few extra hours in bed. We have also started to upgrade drab items, adding a mosaic border to a plane mirror edge. However, be patient with yourself if you start a home decorating project. It always takes longer than expected and doesn’t always turn out as anticipated.

  • Appreciating Good Stories: After 8 hours staring at a computer for work and school, our eyes are craving a break from the screen. Books have become our remedy. If you haven’t read Normal People yet, do it. In a few days when you finish it, try Such A Fun Age by Kiley Reid. It is captivating story describing the connection between a black babysitter and the mother who hires her. After that, consider Circe, a dive into the most familiar female figure from the Odyssey.

  • Following the Guidelines: It is pretty impossible to keep up with the daily updates and changes to the recommended guidelines, but we are doing our best to play our part. We made our own masks to wear on our weekly grocery store runs, making sure not to tap into the dwindling supply for healthcare workers. If sewing isn’t your forte, we recommend ordering from brands like Dolan, which donates a protective face cover to front line workers with each purchase.